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June's Bio

Of all the songs that Bob and I perform as Me and Bobby McGee, those by the brilliant but practically unknown songwriter Harold Arlen are closest to my heart. Arlen and I have a lot in common. Like him, I grew up in a conservative family that was built around rules and expectations. Like him, I was a free spirit who needed to find my own way. Like him, I felt passionate about the world and intimately connected to its people. When I set out to find my own voice, I discovered Arlen's wondrous ballad "Come Rain or Come Shine." Something about it touched me deeply. It became my favorite song. Along the way, I also discovered that the score of my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz, was composed by Arlen. One favorite in particular, "Over the Rainbow," taught me something I believe to this day: dreams really do come true. Six years ago one of my dreams came true when I opened a coffee house in Carson City called Comma Coffee. To represent my amazing journey, I painted a yellow brick road all through the back room of the shop.

I've sung all my life - in the shower, church choirs, backup in Nashville recording studios, musical comedy roles like Rizzo in "Grease." When I started working with the Brad Lund Trio a few years ago, the first song I sang was "Come Rain or Come Shine."

Today I'm involved in music at many levels. I sing with the popular oldies band Moonlight Express. At Comma Coffee, I've created a renowned music series called Comma Concerts, which brings to northern Nevada such celebrated performers as Grammy winners Laurence Juber and Ed Gerhard, and Huey Lewis's lead guitarist Stef Burns. Beneath one of my many other hats I'm writing and producing a musical about a little-known composer named Harold Arlen. It's a labor of love and, I guess you could say, a little payback. Lastly, there's Me and Bobby McGee. Bob and I have nearly a hundred songs from the Great American Songbook in our repertoire, including more than a dozen by Arlen. To perform these classics for an audience is a joy, an honor, and truly another dream come true.

Timeless classics delivered in a smoky, passionate style...
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